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Free Service - eAlerts
New alerts now available

Would you like to know when your account balance falls below a certain amount, when a particular check has cleared, when a direct deposit has been made, or if your account has a negative balance? You can get the answers to these questions and more with eAlerts which sends a message directly to your cell phone or email account. Alerts are free and you avoid fees with immediate notification of your account status!


To sign-up for this service, log into your account using MidWest Internet Banking. The following eAlert notifications are available now with additional notifications coming in the future. You can select which alerts are important to you.


  • Low available Line of Credit
  • Draft withdrawal
  • Internet Banking share transaction
  • Loan payment due
  • Loan payment made
  • Mortgage payment due
  • Loan past due
  • Automatic withdrawal
  • Low balance
  • Low available balance
  • Daily balance
  • NSF
  • Courtesy pay
  • Overdraw transfer
  • Direct Deposit received
  • Pending ACH transaction
  • Large withdrawal
  • Specific check # cleared
  • Maturing Certificate
  • Line of Credit (Loan) advance
  • MidWest Internet Banking access
  • Mailing address change
  • Email address change
  • Large debit card or ATM transaction


If you need assistance is setting up your eAlerts, please visit our eAlert instructions.

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