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Apply for a Loan Online

MidWest America offers competitive interest rates on loans for most consumer purposes such as a personal loan (debt consolidation) and secured loans (cars, truck, vans, boats, etc).


A member of the Credit Union may apply for a loan in person, by mail, by phone/fax, or online.



Apply for a Mortgage Online

MidWest America Federal Credit Union has Mortgage Specialists ready to help with all of your home financing needs.




ACH Credit Authorization
Use this form to pay other institution's loans from MidWest.


ACH Direct Deposit

Use this form to setup payroll direct deposit from your employer to your MidWest account.


Account Change Form

Use this form to add a new share to your account.


Account Information Update
Use this form to update an address, telephone or name change.


Automatic Payment/Deposit Authorization
Use this form to sign up for our ACH payment program. It's the safe and convenient way to pay your bill electronically. Automatically make your MidWest America loan payment from an account at another financial institution.


Checkbook Register

Use this form after your current checkbook register is full.


Member to Member Transfer Authorization
Use this form to authorize transfers via MidWest Phone or Internet Banking from your share account to the share accounts of up to nine (9) Credit Union members.


Reward Checking Disclosure

Use this form, along with the Account Change form, to apply for a Reward Checking account


Skip-a-Payment Coupon
Use this form to skip one month's loan payment. Certain restrictions apply, see coupon for details


Transfer Cycle Request
Use this form to distribute your direct deposit to shares other than your savings such your Vacation Club, or an IRA, etc.


Truth in Savings Disclosure

Important account information for our members.


To view and print some of these documents you may need Adobe Reader.

Enroll for Online Banking
Registration for accessing your accounts using our Internet service. 


Enroll for Phone Banking
Use this form to sign up for Phone Banking, and you'll be able to conduct credit union business using any touch-tone telephone.


Enroll for Credit Card Account Access

View your credit card statement, obtain payment info, and make payments online.


Enrollment Help for Mobile Banking

Instructions on signing up for any 3 of our mobile banking options.


eAlerts Instructions
Are you having trouble setting up or managing your eAlerts? Follow this step-by-step instructions to assist you and answer your questions.


Reorder Checks Online

This website is for check reorders that need no changes made. If you have updated information, please visit your local branch.



To view and print some of these documents you may need Adobe Reader.


Membership Application

Joining MidWest America Federal Credit Union is easy!
To apply for membership, first determine if you're eligible, then simply complete the Membership Application below.





Official Notice to Close

Use this form to help transition your account from another financial institution.


Privacy Policy

View our privacy policy.



To view and print some of these documents you may need Adobe Reader.


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